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Turbine Transition Training

Get Formal Turbine Transition Training Without Paying for Certification/Type-Ratings!

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Flying A Turbine provides turbine transition aviation training for piston pilots who seek to upgrade to a turbine-powered aircraft for the first time.

Our highly comprehensive introductory transition program is designed to provide piston engine and propeller(prop) pilots with a thorough introduction to jets and turbine engine aircraft.

Once you complete your training, you will have the knowledge you need to speak confidently for a job interview, a discussion with the insurance company or any other scenario you may encounter. Although we don’t provide certification or type ratings, our program is the first step toward obtaining your turbine powered aircraft experience.

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Turboprop Training

The Flying A Turbine program is exactly what you need to help you prepare for flying a turbine or jet. We provide the background and “knowledge “ you need to nail a job interview, talk to an insurance company, or set out to obtain additional certifications.

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Note: We require our enrollees to have at least a private pilots licence, however if you require a high-altitude endorsement you will also need an instrument rating. 

And we can travel to you, if needed!

What is it like Flying A Turbine?

Blocktime Turbine Rates Available!

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